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January 2024 Top Winners

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January's winners were honored at St. Louis Metropolitan Police Headquarters. Pictured are the top winners with First Alert 4's Taylor Holt, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department's Lieutenant  Colonel Ryan Cousins, Glendale Police Chief Jeffrey Beaton and St. Louis County Police Department's Captain Anthony Cavaletti.

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Gwen Adams

Douglas Elementary School

Belleville School District 118

Gwen was nominated by Alicia Augustine, who shared this with us, “Gwen is a dedicated, kind, hardworking student. Recently, we had a new student join our class. While Gwen is new to our school just this August, she still took it upon herself to take this new student under her wing & guide her. She has helped this student with all aspects of getting to know our school & classroom routines. What a thoughtful friend! Thank you, Gwen, for being such a caring person. You make our world a better place!”  
Wow that is amazing!
Thanks to her kindness and friendship, her teacher and classmates have a role model, ready to make a difference!  So today we are recognizing Gwen Adams for doing the right thing!

Falynn Alford
Franklin School
Belleville School District 118

Vicki Flath, who submitted this nomination stated, “Falynn is an example of a hardworking, determined, and successful young lady in school. She gives 110 percent every day. Last year, in first grade, Falynn started noticing a student struggling to regulate himself and to complete his work. She started working even harder to get her work completed sooner and then would ask me if she could try to help this student. This became a passion for Falynn and the student started to improve at times. Even when it was difficult to keep the student on task and the teacher said she could take a break for the day, Falynn would never want to give up. She was determined to help each day. She continued this support and would look for moments to praise this student in class so he could feel successful. This support and
friendship she created with this student continued to grow even until the end of the year.  Falynn is now in second grade and she is still providing support, encouragement and helping this student on his most difficult days. She even stops back in my first grade class to tell me good things happening to the other student or touch base on those hard days.
Falynn is such an inspiration to me as a teacher! What a leader at such a young age. I couldn't be more proud of her and know she is truly deserving of the Do The Right Thing Award.”  
Thanks to her compassion and friendship she has made a difference at school and we are recognizing the amazing efforts she takes to make a difference! So today we are recognizing Falynn Alford for doing the right thing!  Great job! You are an amazing example for others! 

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Genevieve Bass

Henry Raab School

Belleville School District 118

Marie Davis, who nominated her stated, “I want to nominate Genevieve Bass for the Do the Right Thing Award because of her outstanding character. Since the beginning of the year Genevieve has worked hard to do her best every day. She does her work without complaining. She listens during the
lesson and is especially diligent about completing her work on time. Genevieve amazes me by how kind and helpful she is. 
During Kindness Week in November, we made a paper chain to put up in the school. On this chain we wrote about people who made a difference by their kindness. Numerous people wrote about Genevieve and the kind acts she does for her classmates. I also notice that she seems to never have a bad day and is always smiling! She is a joy to have in class. I am very proud of the young lady she is! Genevieve is very deserving of the Do the Right Thing Award.”
Thanks to her dedication and kindness she has made a difference in her school community and is a great example for everyone!  So today we are recognizing Genevieve Bass for doing the right thing!    

Kah'Nyla Duncan

Douglas Elementary School

Belleville School District 118

This young lady was nominated by Ariane Tyler, who stated, “Kah'Nyla is a great example of a Douglas Tiger. She is always ready to work, actively participates in class, and is a true friend to
all. When Kah'Nyla is challenged learning something new, she works extremely hard to complete her tasks. What I love the most about her, is she is always willing to help others with a big smile on her face and has a way of making
all of her classmates feel included. She is a joy to have in class and such a privilege to be her teacher”
Thanks to her determination and kindness she has not just shown amazing character, she is making all of us proud as well! So today we are recognizing Kah’Nyla Duncan for doing the right thing!  Awesome job, congratulations!

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Astraea Hughes 

Jefferson Elementary School

Belleville School District 118

Astraea was nominated for this award by Lana Anderson who stated, “Astraea is in kindergarten at Jefferson Elementary. She is a very caring little girl. She comes to class each and every day with a smile on her face and she is ready to learn. Reading can be difficult for Astraea and she works extremely hard at it and because of her hard work, she is making great progress. Astraea is very kind to her classmates and is always willing to help her friends and her teachers. She is just a joy to be around!”  
Thanks to her friendship and kindness she has really made a difference for those around her.  So today we are recognizing Astraea Hughs for doing the right thing!  We are proud of you Astraea, keep it up!

 Eloise Kniker                 

Douglas Elementary School

Belleville School District 118

Eloise was nominated by Amy Jo Mueller, who stated, “Little Miss Eloise is an excellent example of what it means to "Do the Right Thing." She is respectful to all the students and staff in our building. She demonstrates polite manners and always participates in our lessons and class discussions. Eloise is thoughtful and shares her kind heart everywhere she goes.”
Thanks to her respectful ways and kindness she is able to make a difference in her school! So today we are recognizing Eloise Kniker for doing the right thing!  You are a great role model for all of us!

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Brian Lopez-Pliego

West Junior High School

Belleville School District 118

Brian’s heroic story came to us from Jessica Silvia.  His nomination stated, “On Dec 5, 2023 in the morning during PE class Brian assisted a student having a medical emergency. In PE class, while students were participating in a partner run, a student experienced a seizure. Brian standing near the student, noticed a change in his appearance and when the student fell to the ground, Brian immediately responded and rolled the student on his side. Brian remained next to the student until the teacher could get to the scene. Brian and the teacher quickly assessed and determined the
need for the school nurse. Brian quickly went to the nurse’s office and advised of an emergency in the gym in a calm and informative manner, directing the school nurse to the student in need.
Brian's quick thinking, actions and care of the student allowed for timely support and medical care during the emergency. His previous first aid training in health class, attention to his surroundings and willingness to act in an emergency helped in a fellow student in need. Brian emulates our school values to Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Peaceful at West Jr High School.”  
Thanks to his bravery and quick action he has shown us all how to care and make a difference!  So today we are recognizing Brian Lopez-Pliego for doing the right thing!  Keep up the good work!  

Gabriella Ryan

Lutheran South High School

Lutheran High School Association

Gabriella’s story was shared with us by Denise Dodson, who nominated her, stating, “Gabriella has a heart for feeding children who are hungry. Through a program at her church and for several years she has baked beautiful and delicious cupcakes and gives the proceeds to the program. She has quite a following and this year she was able to get a local produce stand to match her profits. I wouldn’t want to quote exact numbers, but it has been hundreds of dollars and this year was thousands.
She is a special girl who loves God and shows it by caring for others. She is an example to other teens her age.”     
Thanks to her generosity and compassion she has made a difference! So today we are recognizing Gabriella Ryan for doing the right thing!  

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DTRT 02072024_img021.jpg

Noah Searles

Douglas Elementary School
Belleville School District 118

April Becherer, who submitted this nomination stated, “During our school's Winter Band/Choir Concert, our music teacher promoted her donor's choose projects to the audience and told parents that they could help support the Arts by donating funds towards more instruments. Noah went home that night and
donated his weekly allowance to the music teacher's donors choose project. He did this without asking for any recognition! What an amazing student & person to be so giving!”
      Thanks to his generosity and kindness he has made a difference at school, and we are recognizing his contributions! So today we are recognizing Noah Searles for doing the right thing!  Great job! You are an amazing example for others! 

Watch the ceremony here.

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